I am an American in Paris Logroño. During the school year, I teach English, and during the summer, I lead tours on the Camino de Santiago. I like the first; I love the second.

Along the Camino de Santiago: Walking on the castros (pre-Roman Celtic strongholds) of Castromaior, Galicia, Spain

In the moments between, I'm trying to better my Spanish, spending time with quality people, cooking, baking, dancing, reading, writing, singing, learning the guitar, practicing the violin... and just generally trying to better myself and my life.

This blog is... what it is.
You'll notice I started it some years ago when I was in University. A lot has changed since then, both with me and with this blog. It is in a perpetual identity crisis, but I've decided that that's okay. It's what I need it to be when I need it. It is an outlet with no other specific purpose than just that: an outlet.
I write about my adventures, my thoughts, my dreams. Sometimes I don't write-- I simply share.

Random facts:
  • As long as it's not freezing, I love getting caught in the rain. It's refreshing. 
  • I love problem-solving and working puzzles... sudoku, word problems, decoding=fun.
  • I enjoy chasing and throwing discs. Ultimate!
  • I actually enjoy waking up to the sun on my face. 
  • I think the shower, the car, and the kitchen are the best places to sing... when there's nobody around.
  • I love getting long letters. Opening my mailbox to one makes me giddy with smiles.  
  • I love having HGTV or Food Network on in the kitchen... and am missing it while I'm in Spain.
  • I always put in three or four times the vanilla extract a recipe calls for :)
  • I value open-mindedness and not being too judgmental... I can't stand intolerance, especially when it's borne from ignorance.
  • I have an obsession with good quotations.  
  • I love sitting on a porch in the middle of a thunderstorm.  
  • I hope someday to have a library with floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with books and so tall I need a sliding ladder to get to them. Comfy chairs and a window seat are must-haves.  
  • Daffodils are my absolute, most favorite flower. 
Taken February 2008 in Athens, GA, U.S.A.
"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." Goethe

Any questions? Ask them here!

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