Wednesday, January 20, 2010

10 random ramblings

1. I felt so collegiate today. It was lovely weather, people were passing, everything a bustle... The weird thing is I have had very few moments like that in my (almost) 4 years here. What's up with that? I've got a semester left... time to take advantage of it.

2. I'm too tired to sleep. Is that even possible?

3. When I'm tired and can't sleep, of course I (unconsciously) end up stalking people via facebook. Tonight I stumbled onto a girl's blog... we have mutual friends but don't know each other... and yet, I found myself intrigued and impressed by the way she just expressed herself. Something about the her writing style, I could just tell, even without knowing her, that she was speaking her mind, being herself and not really worrying about whatever people might think of her. And she was delightfully quirky. Funny how even (almost) a complete stranger can inspire you so.

4. I'm realizing a long unnoticed addiction to chips and salsa. They are staples in my kitchen... I will buy them even when they're are not on sale.

5. I really wish Smoothie King was not so expensive so I could get one every morning for breakfast.

6. I really wish Smoothie King was open right now.

7. I just got distracted from this for about 10 minutes and sent a message via facebook about canceling lunch with a friend :( I'm sad about having to cancel. I also wonder why I unconsciously try to multitask all the time. Why not just finish something and then move on to the next thing? I swear, my memory and attention span can be almost nonexistent at times.

8. Today, I found out that most stores only carry black, grey, and white leggings-- if they even carry any at all. Where did all the colors go? On a slightly different note, I'm intrigued by the newest trend... jeggeans (I believe... as in jeans+leggings) Not gonna lie: I'd buy a pair.

9. One of my roommates will be up and leaving the apartment in about 3 hours.

10. I should go to bed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The final semester of my undergraduate career begins tomorrow. That is unsettling on so many levels...

But on a higher level, one to which I try to elevate myself more often than not, it's exciting. After this semester, everything changes... so many new possibilities, new beginnings... just new everything happening to same old me.

Same old me is overwhelmed at times by all of these new prospects and endless number of question marks. Like this evening. I was alone in my apartment, freezing from this dismal weather, sniffly on account of a wretched cold and generally just feeling isolated. Those ugly question marks swooped in on me like a pack of dogs on a wounded animal... they could smell the fear...

Now, after a call to a friend (in which I became whiny and sappy and just plain pathetic), I am righted. A little disappointed in my momentary lapse of weakness, but glad that my rebound time is improving. Same old me is still overwhelmed but remembering to take each day as it comes.

As for the future, I'm just going to focus on the exciting side of things, like... my new internship, through which I'm going to learn SO much (if I put in the work); not having to worry about grades as much (GPA is pretty solid); graduating in May; the endless possibilities afterward...

But still, one day at a time.