Here's the skinny: I like love jumping pictures. If you've ever traveled with me when I've been in a jumping mood, you know. You've probably been the one capture the shot, so thank you! Without you, this compilation journal would not be possible :)

In Parque La Ciutadella, Barcelona, Spain
April 2012
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
April 2012
Inch Beach, Co. Kerry, Ireland
January 2012

On top of the Duomo in Milano, Italy
December 2011
With the King in Milano, Italy
December 2011
With Rebecca and Bionca in Santander, Spain
November 2011
Playa de la Magdalena, Santander, Spain
November 2011
Bilbao, Spain
November 2011
With Co-Site Leader Sara Intner, ASB Shady Valley, TN
March 2010

San Luis, Costa Rica
May 2009
Alternative Spring Break in Clinton, SC
March 2009

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