Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Not quite butterflies... but something similar

It's finally starting. My nerves/excitement/oh my god, I'm going to Spain in 12 days feelings are starting to become more pronounced. I've been excited, of course, (I mean, how could I not be), but in between reading some early blog entries of auxiliars who have already gone through what I am about to experience, looking around at the mess packing going on in my room, and realizing it's been a good year and a half since I've spoken some solid español... well, I'm just kind of freaking out.

I'm not scared about going-- I'm so ready to just BE in Spain because I know I'll land on my feet once I'm there. I don't know... I just feel jittery, like I've had three cups of coffee in a short period of time when in fact, I've had none. My brain is pinging so fast that it can hardly keep up with itself:

- packing woes (Am I taking too many things with me? Probably)
- teaching woes (um, can we say inexperienced?)
- accommodation details (minor ones, like oh, where am I going to live for the next 9 months...)
- Spanish (will my brain find all those unpracticed vocab words? )
- blog
- relationships (friends, family, significant other... all of which need attention, especially before I leave)
- ...
- ...

Basically, EVERYthing's been bubbling in my brain, and not in a very coherent, easy-to-manage way... so I'm writing it out.

Speaking of which... after much debating about whether to start a brand new Spain specific blog, and many a late night spent procrastinating the decision (and sleep) tweaking and re-tweaking fonts, colors, backgrounds and general design, I have decided not to create a new one like I did for my other forays abroad. Instead, I am giving this blog, which has been sporadic at best, a purpose and a chance to be what I had originally intended: a place to share and grow by writing about... well, anything that inspires me to. Goodness knows I should have more than enough inspiration with this life-changing experience coming around the bend.

Okay... I've calmed myself down (somewhat). Mission accomplished. Back to the mess packing.

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