Thursday, May 27, 2010

Look out world...

I'm now officially Taste Spotting!

I just registered this afternoon. My Username: daffodilicioso :) I'm kind of proud of that one.

This comes as a result of a pretty substantial stint in the kitchen last night that kicked off what I hope will be a summer full of cooking adventures. I made this very simple and yummyBruschetta with Peppers and Gorgonzola out of my Barefoot Contessa cookbook, followed by a meal of Balsamic Chicken with Orange and Oregano Relish (delish), parsley and butter egg noodles, and roasted vegetables. Yum:

I am SO looking forward to the deliciousness in my future.


  1. OM. NOM. NOM.
    Well, I made Tuscan Tuna Bean Salad and brownies from a box.

    May your future be magically delicious.

  2. :) NOM indeed. And I like the sound of yours as well!
    Oh! And congratulations! You are the very first person to have commented on this blog. If only I had some sort of prize to give out...