Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Miwa Matreyek's glorious visions

I love TED Talks. And they are a perfect compromise when I want to be somewhat brainless (as in, don't feel like reading, writing... really doing anything) but don't want to be completely useless (as I would feel if I just watched a TV episode or four). I watch one, maybe two TED Talks and I'm thinking, I'm learning... I'm growing. I can be a good kind of vegetable :P (excuse the corn... pun intended!) Ok, I need to stop. Can I mention that it's late and I'm tired?

ANYway, this one isn't actually a talk. It's a jaw-dropping, how-did-she-do-that performance that is completely inspired and completely beautiful. Hope you enjoy! Happy Wednesday-Before-Turkey-Day! :)

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