Monday, November 7, 2011

A resolution.

So it's a Monday, a day off and a day to get myself together before I have work again tomorrow. In an attempt to be "productive," I got on my computer to do "research." On what, you may ask? Oh, it could be anything, but usually it starts with Google and ends with me falling down a rabbit hole of web surfing and not really accomplishing much of anything.
I wonder if Alice was simply procrastinating? Source.
Today, I started with googling "getting a haircut in Spain" because goodness knows, I am very much in need of a haircut. I was soon directed to some girl's travel blog that was actually pretty helpful in that it included useful, haircut-specific phrases like "Quiero un recorte" (I want a trim) and "Me gustaría escalado" (I like it layered). Now I just have to look up how to say "Stop! Too short, TOO SHORT!" and I will be good to go.

Anyway, this travel blog in this instance could also be called the entrance into
the rabbit hole because travel bloggers are notoriously interconnected.

I shouldn't say notoriously... I actually aspire to be this connected-- it would mean that people outside my family actually (maybe) care about what I have to say, or at the very least find me mildly entertaining.

Anyway, this blog had a list of links to other blogs that I suppose she enjoyed. Hello, tabs. I opened a handful of them and started skimming. Clicked through the profiles, lusted after some of the designs, wished my writing was as good as some of the others... and ended up wondering how I could make my blog better. Wait, that needs air quotes: "better."

Newly resolved (and of course not procrastinating cleaning my room at all), I went to my own blog. This one. The one you are reading. I tilted my head... pondered its look. Maybe it would look better if I had a column on either side... or perhaps I should make a better banner heading. I mean, I like the daffodils but  maybe...

And I was about a second away from mashing the "Design" button after which point I would have spent maybe an hour making changes that nobody besides me would notice. But I stopped, because I realized the utter irony of my situation. Here I am, looking for ideas on how to improve my blog by customizing the hell out of it when really it comes down to the content. People don't follow and read blogs because of the pretty colors and layout; they read blogs for the writing. And if there's only a post once in a blue moon, well then, what's the point?

So, I'm calling myself out. And I'm declaring for all the world... or at least the few people in the world that are reading this... no more excuses! I will blog weekly. At the very least. End of story. Punto final. Writing is hard for me, but honestly, I think the most difficult step (of anything, really) is just starting. But here I go. :)

Disclaimer: I will admit, this declaration will not stop me from customizing and recustomizing... it's an addiction; however, I will promise to only customize AFTER I have completed a post ;)


  1. Get it girl! Your stream-of-consciousness writing style makes me smile. And I loved the "rabbit hole" true!

    Last element of this random comment, thank you for the Spanish haircut phrases. I need a trim something fierce! :) Get back to me on the "STOP TOO SHORT TOO SHORT" one, though.

  2. How's the laundry coming along?:)