Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Long Lost Puente: Part 2

So... I've been sitting on this half-finished post for a while... and by a while I mean over half a year now (yikes). But with my new-found dedication, I've finished it... a bit hastily, but it is done. In a week or so, I will pre-date it. In the meantime, here's the last installment of the December puente adventure:

A blog post a day keeps the procrastination away...

Right. If only that was all it took. A blog a day does, however, keep us plugging right along in recounting my long-neglected-but-soon-to-be-over tale of the December puente.
If you've kept up with my last 3 posts (and really, by now you've had plenty of time ;) ), you already know that the day after my birthday, I boarded a very early flight from Bergamo, Italy to Thessaloniki, Greece, where I would be dancing the weekend away...

[more flashback, Wayne's World sound effects...]
You can see Thessaloniki near the top of the map, in the middle, on the coast. [source]
View of the Alps from the plane! One positive thing of flying at 7am.

I may have said this already, but RyanAir, I think you should buy this photo from me.

Once in Thessaloniki, I wandered around... a LOT. Note for next time: there are luggage lockers in the trainstation... that way, you don't have to lug your backpack all over the second largest city in Greece for 5 hours.
Anyway, after navigating the streets whose names I could barely read (I should have paid more attention to the
fraternity/sorority names in uni), I needed a drink, but what's more, I needed something comforting. While it certainly wasn't the Greek-est thing I did, it was something familiar, and therefore, welcome. Starbucks haters, don't hate. Drink what you want, but don't hate. ;)

Thessaloniki was quite festive come nightfall. I'm not sure if it had to do with the season or not, but it was lovely!

Maria and Vagelis! I stayed with them during the Swingalonica Weekend and they were both absolutely lovely. I hope they make it to Spain someday soon so I can repay the favor!

Can you guess what those little guys do?

That's right! I'm not sure when the relaxing massage happens, but I'm guessing it's not while you have hundreds of little fish eating your feet. (I will be honest, however, and say that I would try it.) :)

3 dancing Italians and me walking around downtown Thessaloniki with our hosts Maria and Vagelis!

An authentic and DELICIOUS dinner out with some new Greek friends.

And then, of course, there was dancing. This was before our big night out-- the Christmas soirée. Sidenote: You know you've found good people when they are fans of doing photobooth photos. These were amazing people!

And then, I flew off into the night... back to Bergamo, where it was raining which was actually lovely because it made me feel less bad about not having explored the city more. Also, I met some fellow vagabonds on the plane, including two Spaniards. One of them showed me the hostel where he was staying (thank God) and I then crashed for a long time. I only woke up once in the night when a roommate was cursing another, newer roommate who had the. worst. snore I've heard yet. Thank God I was tired enough that it didn't even bother me.

And that's it! The puente has finally, more or less, been related. Hopefully you've enjoyed!

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